Mustang Covers


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Mustang Covers

Mustang Covers
Corbeau Mustang covers are designed to replace the factory Fox Body rear seat cover and without a doubt will improve the interior look of your Mustang. These can be used to replace your worn out stock cover or for an exact match to your Corbeau front seats. Covers are available for the Coupe (79-93), the Hatch Back (84-93), and the Convertible (83-93) and can be ordered in Black Cloth, Black Vinyl, Grey Cloth, or Black Microsuede. Please note the pictures shown are of the Hatch Back model. Parts #'s: FB26501-CP - Black Cloth 79-93 Coupe FB26509-CP - Grey Cloth 79-93 Coupe FB26510-CP - Black Vinyl 79-93 Coupe FBS26501-CP - Black Microsuede 79-93 Coupe FB26501-HB - Black Cloth 84-93 Hatch Back FB26509-HB - Grey Cloth 84-93 Hatch Back FB26510-HB - Black Vinyl 84-93 Hatch Back FBS26501-HB - Black Microsuede 84-93 Hatch Back FB26501-CV - Black Cloth 83-93 Convertible FB26509-CV - Grey Cloth 83-93 Convertible FB26510-CV - Black Vinyl 83-93 Convertible

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