Seat Savers


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Seat Savers

Seat Savers
Corbeau Seat Savers are an easy way to prolong the life of your seats. They are an easy slip on cover that will protect your seats against just about anything. We use a UV-resistant and waterproof material, so no matter what the elements, your seats will be protected. Simply put the Seat Saver over your Corbeau seat and in less than a minute your seat is covered. Seat Savers are available for most Corbeau Seats. Please note that Seat Savers are not replacement seat covers, they are solely for the protection of your Corbeau Seats. Part #'s: TR6701B - Baja SS & JP TR6701R - Reclining Seats TR6701F - Fixed Back Seats TR69401 - Baja Ultra TR69401W - Baja Ultra Wide TR670136 - 36" Baja Bench TR670142 - 40" & 42" Baja Bench TR6701MB - Moab TR6701SR - Safari TR85401 - RXP TR85401HB - RXP High Back

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