• Thumbs up for Mike (and Jesse) as well. I'd recommend them without hesitation.


  • My FFR is the first car I have ever "worked" on. I am a NEWBI to the whole build process. But, I wanted to give a THUMBS UP to Mike Forte for helping me through this process. He has helped me get the right part and future parts in advance that I did not know I needed (till the time came I needed them). I would have search for the answer and ended up spending money (through lack of knowledge on parts) on parts I did not need. He always has an answer and solution to all my questions. In a time like now where customer service is a joke, he has always been polite and personable. Not trying to boast his ego, just trying to "Give An Atta Boy." 


  • I to would like to give Mike thanks for his help and patience with my questions. Just to illustrate your point. I got a Tremac TKO-600 (with midshift), bellhousing, clutch fork, clutch fork extension, throw out bearing, correct spedo gear for the tremac to match my tire size and rear ratio, spedo drive cable, clutch cable etc. I know the function of all these parts and what he sent to me went together and works nicely.


  • I bought a crate motor and transmission from Mike. A year later I finally hit the starter and it started. Along the way, Mike answered many questions. I would recommend Mike to everyone.


  • Mike is #1 in my book,nice guy,i have a lot in commom with him,to bad he is so far away,i could certainly be one of his buds,cares about his customers too.


  • Got my engine, tranny and an assortment of parts from Mike. He really knows and loves cars, thats the difference, this is his life so the advice comes naturally from him because he lives and breathes this stuff. (No I wasn't paid to say this.)