"Brute Strength" Differential


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"Brute Strength" Differential

"Brute Strength" Differential
"Brute Strength" Differential. Fits 1965-later GM cars with 12-bolt rear axle and 30 spline axles. Legal for all drag race associations The thicker, webbed flange on the reinforced case reduces ring gear deflection, prolonging ring and pinion life Spider gears are forged from H-11 aircraft steel bar stock making them 50% stronger than Chevrolet "service package" gears Twenty-two friction discs (stock units have only 18 discs) improve bias ratio (torque split) by over 100%; heavy shock loads are more evenly distributed to the side gears for greater durability Extra-thick heat-treated spring plates and special chrome silicon springs yield over 800 lbs. of preload on the disc packs to insure an even bias ratio to the rear wheels for maximum traction Designed for 4.10 through 6.14 ratios (4-series) Stock-type axles are retained with original "C" clips; spacers or costly installation kits are not required Use only Moroso Climbing Gear Lube Nos. 34800 or 34801. NOTE: Brute Strength Differentials are limited-slip devices designed specifically for racing applications. They are not recommended for street use as they can produce severe "chatter" when turning corners.

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