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Newest Posts!

Forte's Factory Five Challenge Car Shop Car!: 1st Update

Delson Dasilva - Friday, May 12, 2017

Since receiving the car we have taken off the body panels to inspect the car over all for any safety concerns, and also to take inventory of what we have in parts on the car. Once we know what we have in the car we can start looking into what we are going to need! 

Once the body panels were off Mike decided to replace the aluminum firewall with stainless steel metal firewall to make the passenger and driver footwells safer.

In the meanwhile a TKO 600 Tremec transmission was disassembled. Since this is a race car for the drag strip and road course 2nd 3rd and 4th gears were taken out to get face plated. The transmission has been unsynchronized on gears 2,3,4 and modified with faceplated gear engagement. The transmission will also receive mid shifter and mid shifter install kit. While the tremec gears were getting plated, the engine was getting assembled. For now there is a mildly built Ford small block 306 based engine going into the car. The current engine is being installed just for some research and development. The Ford small block is perfect for the cobra that is getting built as a sunday car or just for cruising. In the near future we will be swapping the small block for something much more aggressive, and better geared towards racing. After the transmission comes back we will be mating it to the small block with a ram dual faced clutch and a quicktime bullet proof bellhousing.

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