1050 CFM Four Barrel Race Carburetor


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1050 CFM Four Barrel Race Carburetor

1050 CFM Four Barrel Race Carburetor

Holley Dominator Carburetors were designed specifically for making Top End Horsepower and Torque in High End Racing Engines. Three Circuit Dominators add another Level of Transition thus Requiring Less Pump Shot. Designed for use on Drag race engines. Calibrated for a 1x4 setup. Progressive Secondaries. Dual 50cc accelerator pumps. 3 Circuit Metering for enhanced tunability. Calibrated for methanol. Dual fuel inlets 4 corner idle. Screw in air bleeds. Annular Boosters. Venturii Size 1.690. Throttle bore 2.000. Aluminum throttle plates.

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