600 CFM Four Barrel Carbuertor


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600 CFM Four Barrel Carbuertor

600 CFM Four Barrel Carbuertor
This carburetor is intended for use with superchargers, and has a unique capability that allows its power Valves to reference the intake Manifold vacuum below the supercharger. This allows the power valve to operate as it should, based off intake Manifold vacuum. A power valve provides further enrichment to the main metering system under load (low vacuum) conditions. Without this external referencing, the power valve would be "reading" the Supercharger vacuum, which has no bearing on the engine load. Model 4150 with shiny finish. Chevrolet small block 2 x 4, 671 blower calibration. Designed for use with superchargers. Mechanical progressive linkage. Dual 50cc accelerator pumps. Manual choke. Boost referenced power valve. Throttle lever cut off for clearance on a sideways application.

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