750 CFM Speed Demon - Mechanical Secondary


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750 CFM Speed Demon - Mechanical Secondary

750 CFM Speed Demon - Mechanical Secondary

"The Speed Demon series is the most formidable performance street carburetor available today. It features the most advanced design manufacturing processes that provides street enthusiasts with racing carburetor technology in a very driveable package. The Speed Demon line offers a wide range of sizes and in VEseries (vacuum secondaries, electric choke) or twin squirter (mechanical secondaries) designs. Across the range of sizes, from 575 cfm to 850 cfm, the Speed Demons deliver balanced, high velocity airflow and exceptional fuel metering capacity to match the fuel requirements most street engines. A Speed Demon carburetor is ideal for muscle cars, stock rebuilds, tow trucks, mild performance applications and crate motors. They are designed for engines with cam profiles between 220 and 240 degrees duration at 0.050"".

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