Clutch Kit (M-7560-A302N)


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Clutch Kit (M-7560-A302N)

Clutch Kit (M-7560-A302N)
Fits all 1986-01 Mustang GT, 1993-98 Cobra with T-5 or T45 Transmissions. Consists of clutch disc, pressure plate and throwout bearing. Heavy duty diaphragm type clutch assembly with approximately 40 % more capacity than stock Mustang clutch. Clutch disc has 1-1/16-inch - 10 spline hub. OK to mix and match Ford Racing clutch discs and pressure plates but do NOT install a FRPP pressure plate with a stock disc or vice-versa as disengagement problems may occur. Metric fasteners and dowel pins must be used with 10.5" clutches M-6397-A302. Clutches have NO warranty! Also recommended Roller Pilot Bearing M-7600-A or M-7600-B.

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