4.6L 6 Bolt Aluminum Mustang Flywheel


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4.6L 6 Bolt Aluminum Mustang Flywheel

4.6L 6 Bolt Aluminum Mustang Flywheel
Material/Weight: Aluminum 12 lbs,Clutch Damper assembly counter bore: 6.20" ,Ring Gear: 164-tooth,Crank Bolts: 6-bolt,Unbalanced: 0 oz-in,Application: Fits 6-bolt crank 4.6 Mustang with 10.5" clutch and some 11" clutch applications with 6-bolt pressure plate. Does not fit 2005-2013 Mustang production clutch disc. Reduced rotating mass. Meets SFI 1.1. Diaphragm clutch uses metric bolts and dowel pins. Requires metric pressure plate bolts N602549-S51M and alignment dowel pins D1FZ-6397-B or Ford Racing kit M-6397-A302. 4.6L engines may have 6 or 8 bolts to attach to the crankshaft. Check the engine code before ordering. Romeo built engines have 6 bolts and Windsor built engines have 8 bolts. All Cobra engines have 8 bolts. The 8th character in the VIN is (X) for Windsor engine plant or (W) for Romeo engine plant. Requires bolt and dowel kit M-6397-A46 for 11" clutch applications.

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