2007-2009 Mustnag SVT 113 mm Cold Air Kit


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2007-2009 Mustnag SVT 113 mm Cold Air Kit

2007-2009 Mustnag SVT 113 mm Cold Air Kit
Fits 2007-2009 SVT Mustang. Approximate increase of 40 hp / 30 lb-ft over stock. Kit includes: Ford Racing ProCal tool with performance calibration for significantly improved throttle response and performance feel or Certified Pre-owned Procal tool may be provided, 113 mm Mass Air Sensor Housing, Disposable air filter element M-9601-D. Premium (91 octane or higher) fuel only. Due to multiple calibrations, online registration is required to receive Pro-Cal tool after purchase. Engine calibrations are developed and supported for U.S. and Canadian vehicles only. Federal and state laws prohibit any person from installing aftermarket add-on or modified parts prior to the sale of a new motor vehicle.

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