Other Services We Offer

In addition to our custom engine building and rebuilding services, we offer a variety of other services to keep your vehicle in top form:

Nitrous oxide tank filling and freezing

Just bring us your tank and we will take care of it for you.

Engine dynamometer

With our land & sea engine dynamometer we can put your engine through its paces and determine the horsepower and torque curves for it. Even if your engine was not built or rebuilt at our shop, we can dyno it for you. While it is on the dynamometer we will take a video of it running to show you.

Engine tuning and timing

To make your engine run at peak performance we can tune and adjust the timing to optimal specifications.


Whether it is an engine, transmission, or other part, we can provide a no hassle installation for you.

Rear-end gear setup

We can change the gearing in the rear-end of your vehicle no problem.

Suspension modifications and installations

Whether you want to raise, lower, or just switch out the suspension on your car, truck, or Jeep, we can do it.


We can sandblast whatever you need, whether it is a car part or not.

Sandblasting available for wheels, valve covers, intake or exhaust manifold, railings, body parts, auto & truck frame, suspension components & more... Even complete truck or utility bodies.

Custom part fabrication

We can fabricate a part that is needed or might not even exist.

Professional welding services

We have a variety of welding machines and can weld whatever you need.

Hardware sales

We have acquired a large number of nuts, bolts, and other hardware necessary for building engines and cars, and if you need any give us a call and there is a good chance we have it.

Call or email for more information on these services.